Advanced Dermatology Review: At Advanced Dermatology, we consulting reviewing the latest skin care products. We’re pleased to share the latest trends and our experiences so you know what to look for when reviewing skin care products. Skin care companies often make overzealous marketing claims – often resulting in dissatisfied customers who expect too much. This is usually because outdated formulas are being used or poor concentrations of active ingredients are being included in the product. Usually to keep costs low. Therefore, the best place to always start your research is to look at the ingredients list. This is usually found on the outside container or directly on the product. The ingredients are listed in order of concentration, therefore, products with the highest concentration ingredients are listed at the top. In 99% of cases, water is the most common ingredient and listed first. Water is sometimes referred to as aqua – obviously this is the same thing. The first few ingredients are usually key because anything further down is in a weaker concentration. However, if the product has a larger percentage of other ingredients split similarly, then its worth looking at all the ingredients. Advanced Dermatology products contain a high concentration of active ingredients, significantly higher than most over the counter skin care products. We focus our investment on developing the most cutting edge formulas at concentrations that deliver real changes. Our products are specifically designed to target the key main signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blotchiness and discoloration. The products are highly effective due to the clinical nature and concentration of active ingredients. Advanced Dermatology skin care products are classified as dermo-cosmetics as they feature various dermatological innovations.

Review the ingredients very closely, if the ingredient is not familiar, search it on Google and see what information you can find. See if there are any reviews about the ingredient. You can also eliminate products that contain potentially harmful ingredients. We are currently building a database of cosmetic ingredients that you can access free of charge through our website. This data should be available late 2014, as you can imagine, there are tens of thousands of different ingredients and we need to analyse each ingredient. You should also evaluate the concentration of ingredients. This can be difficult without knowing the exact percentage the skin care manufacturer is using but you can gauge how far down the ingredients list the product is. If it’s too far down the the company might just be adding the ingredients for marketing purposes. We often see skin care manufacturers use a tiny concentration of ingredients because they are expensive but without them they cannot make any claims. Also look to see if there are complaints about the company and how they address these complaints. Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Ultimately, the best way to review a product is to use it. If your using a wrinkle cream, see if it has made any visible difference on the depth of the wrinkles. If your using a scar cream, see if there is any visible difference on the depth of the scars. The same applies to eye creams, anti aging creams for firming, retinol products and moisturizing face creams. Therefore, make sure the skin care brand offers a money back guarantee. Serums are always more powerful then creams but creams are always more enjoyable to apply. Advanced Dermatology skin care products are specifically formulated to target visible aging and damage.

Advanced Dermatology products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. So you can evaluate our products and if you are not entirely satisfied, return it for a full refund. If you have an Advanced Dermatology review please share it with us. Email We love getting feedback and reviews from our clients as it helps us improve things and address staff training. Your complaint is important to us. Advanced Dermatology takes pride in the products we deliver to our members. However, if we have failed in meeting your expectations please contact us and we will endeavor to resolve the matter. How can I file a complaint against Advanced Dermatology ifI am not completely satisfied? Please email us via and we will respond to you within 2 working days – usually much quicker. Alternatively, you can phone us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST. You can reach us on 1-888-983-2703.

Advanced Dermatology products include Deep Wrinkle Firming Skin Quench, Overnight Resurrection, Super Youth Serum, Healing Foam Cleanse and Daily Sun Defense. These products are part of the Advanced Dermatology Anti Aging Kit. Products are not available for individual purchase. We encourage you to add the Youthful Boost Eye Gel to compliment your routine. Thank you for visiting Advanced Dermatology reviews. Advanced Dermatology products are available over the counter and do not require a prescription. Advanced Dermatology skin care products can only be purchased directly through our website. In the unlikely event that you do see our products on an unauthorized third party site, please note that these products might not be genuine or the retailer might not be legitimate and running a scam. Our Anti Diversion team work very hard to ensure that our products to not end up at unauthorized retailers. We have remarkable knowledge in how the skin works and responds to treatment. Originally developed exclusively for Advanced Dermatology patients, these breakthrough formulas contain the most revolutionary anti aging ingredients. You can order Advanced Dermatology products through our website. We aim to dispatch most orders within 1-2 days and offer free fast delivery with Fedex Express. However, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.