Generally, facial lotions are lighter then moisturizers and suitable for oily skin types and moisturizers are suitable dryer skin types. Moisturizers and creams are differentiated simply by the products viscosity or how thick the product is. Moisturizers are thicker and more common as face creams. Lotions are more fluidly and more commonly found in body lotions. There are a variety of different facial lotions, including anti wrinkle lotions, lotions for scars, moisturizing lotions for dry skin, lotions for sensitive skin types including acne and rosacea, firming lotions to lift skin and oily skin types. Most cosmetic companies have replaced lotions with serums, however, lotions are still very popular for application in body products because they are lighter then thicker creams. They are also popular in the application of stretch marks post pregnancy or stretch marks caused by aging.  

Unlike serums, lotions still contain emulsifiers and ingredients generally don’t absorb as well as they do in serums. Lotions contain ingredients that really just don’t do anything, like glycrin, lanolin and steric acid. In fact, there ingredients are known to cause irritation by trapping heat in the skin. Therefore, we recommend serums over lotions. Serums allow for a greater level of encapsulation then lotions so they deliver anti aging ingredients