Do you suffer from under eye bags? Do you want to get rid of them? Are you tired of your friends saying you look tired when you went to bed at 9pm? Are you looking for a non invasive alternative to plastic surgery? Would you like to trial a treatment that promises to erase under eye bags without going under the knife? It’s not a laser treatment and best of all, you don’t need a physicians appointment.

What causes under eye bags?
The primary reason for under eye bags is excessive fluid build up. This is genetic. Other experts say that the lower eyelids actually get fatter as we age, while the rest of the face gets thinner. Lack of sleep, poor diet and allergies can cause temporary dark circles but this is not to be confused with the types of dark circles that are always present.

Should I consider cosmetic or plastic surgery to fix this problem?
Surgical procedures have serious risks. These types of procedures almost always have permanent side effects.

I’ve heard that fillers such as Restylane and Juvaderm can help with eye bags. Is this true?
Yes and no. Restylane and Juvederm wont fix your eye bags, however, they can improve your appearance. Fillers are short term and results face after a few months. Whilst there are side effect, they are not as serious as side effects that relate to surgery.

What about lasers?
There are various types of lasers that can assist. It’s best to consult with your physician to identify what is causing the under eye bags. Once you’ve identified this, they can come up with a treatment plan that works.

I’ve heard of home remedies such as applying cucumbers or tea bags under the eye might help. Is this true?
No, it is unlikely these types of home remedies will help. There is belief that these types of treatments have an anti inflammatory effect, however, the concentration of anti aging ingredients is so small that it usually has zero effect. These types of treatments can help you relax though.

I’ve heard haemorrhoid creams can help?
We strongly advise against this. This usually worsens things.

What else can I do?
Make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthy. Consult with a make up artist as concealers can help you hide under eye bags.